The connection between specialist and projects


Trust Project Services offers international teams consisting of welders and fitters who are managed by our foremen. Our teams consist of experienced specialists who have worked on projects for international organizations with a focus on heavy industries such as offshore, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, feed and utilities.

We are experts in bringing together teams for your projects. By maintaining our network of professionals and partners, we always can assign the best available team of specialists for your projects. This enhances the quality and lead-time of your projects. All specialists are tested on their skills, if preferred under supervision of the customer, in the country of origin.

We conduct checks on social, fiscal and financial requirements, as well as employment law and work permits. Because of these checks we can provide the 100% guarantee that there will be no back taxes. The Dutch establishment of Trust Welding Services is in possession of the NEN 4400-1 certificate and our Lithuanian establishment of the NEN 4400-2 certificate.

Trust Project Services is a committed partner in the field of health, safety and environment. All employees and managers are in the possession of the SCC certificate. Our organization has all of the necessary certificates including ISO 9001:2008 and SCC**. We provide guidance and supervision to manager the welfare of our employees, both in- and outside the projects and in their country of origin.

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